26 January 2022 is the site we deserve

HIVE is the first Russian company to create a droneport and launch its mass production. At the time of the MVP launch on the Russian market HIVE had no competitors. A little over a year later, a dozen of startups have joined the market with their own models and prototypes of drone base stations.

HIVE is still ahead in terms of technical, manufacturing, use case, and price indicators. The company not only forms the Russian market of autonomous UAV flights, but also consolidates its position as an undisputed leader and influencer. The cutting edge level should be shown in everything and especially on the web-site and in each of its design and technical solutions. Yes, HIVE has a new website.

The .aero top-level domain was created specifically for organizations related to aviation. In order to pass such registration, you must first obtain a special identifier that the future web-page relates to the aviation topic. Although the government is only at the stage of considering laws on UAV BVLOS automation, HIVE is already part of the airspace - in the network and in real life.

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