Search and resque operations

HIVE — fully automated droneport suited for regular territory monitoring and search and rescue operations with the ability to manually control the drone in an emergency

Implementation benefits

  1. Round-the-clock operation and large territory coverage for regular monitoring
  2. Improving the quality of monitoring in hard-to-reach areas and during night period
  3. Safe search in areas of natural disasters and emergencies without life risking.
  4. Save valuable time by quick response to any incident and a fast clearance process for an unscheduled flight.
  5. Coordination of rapid response teams and rescue services during emergency situations
  6. Reduce budget on hard-to-reach sites in relation to ground survey and the use of helicopters.
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HIVE capabilities

  1. Detection of potentially dangerous structures, land subsidence and volumes of snow
  2. Creation of a cartographic terrain mapping, an orthophotomap and a digital terrain model
  3. Opeartion with various payloads: cameras, thermal sensors and lidars
  4. Area security and timely detection of unauthorized passage.
  5. Notification about emergencies and quick response to the situation
  6. Advanced obstacle detection system allows the drone to maneuver easily in any environment.

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