HIVE —  fully automated droneport suited for mining industry monitoring.
Geological exploration, topographic and geodetic works, cartography, area security provision

Implementation benefits

  1. Round-the-clock control. Monitoring themovement of resources, transport routes, equipment without pauses in it’s operation and resulting financial losses.
  2. Photo and video capture of hard-to-reach objects: burrows of loose removals, waste heaps, warehouses of oxidized quartzite, quarries after an explosion.
  3. Objective monitoring of the company's impact on the environment and reducing the number of violations by labor protection and safety rules adherance control
  4. Terrain monitoring quality improvement, mining and movement of minerals.
  5. Quick response to deviations in technological processes and timely flight of the drone in high alert mode.
  6. Cost reduction of one drone flight by more than 6 times compared to the market price for the service.
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HIVE capabilities

  1. Landslides monitoring and obtaining a complete picture of terrain changes with periodic observations.
  2. Orthophotomap and geodetic referencing in the required coordinate system.
  3. 3D-model of the object with georeferencing to the coordinates for subsequent calculations of the volume of extractions, earthworks, bulk materials.
  4. Collecting topographic data and creating 3D models to design possible anomalies in the operation of the drilling system.
  5. Area security and serviellance. Regular drone flights increase property safety and reduce vandalism.
  6. Advanced obstacle detection system allows the drone to maneuver easily in any environment.

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