Technical features

Droneport HIVE M300

operation conditions — 24/7

voltage — 230V

peak power consimption — 6 kW

IP Rating — IP45

Operating Temperature Range:

-35ºС to +40ºС (standard model)

-50ºС to +40ºС (cold climate model, M300c)

-35ºС to +50ºС (hot climate model, M300h)

ready to operate from standby mode
< 35s + ~20s sattelite connection

full battery swap cycle: < 200 s (2 batteries)

Weight — 1600кг

battery charging time:
70 min (4 batteirs simultaneously)

battery charging slots:
8 pcs

Dimensions — 2800х1480х1840 mm

Integrated equipment

charging station
Meteorological station
robot manipulator for battery swap
snow melting roof
2 external control cameras
cellular module with 2 SIM-cards
2 internal control cameras
Wi-Fi module
retractable landing table
climat control equipment
LED Spotlight

Matrice 300 RTK

effective flight radius — up to 10 km
IP Rating — IP45
coverage area — up to 310 km²
flight time with payload — up to 45 min
max speed — 17m/s, 
up to 23 m/s in S mode
payload weight — up to 2.7 kg
Operating Temperature Range — -20º to 50ºС
obstacle detection system - optical and infrared sensors in 6 directions with a range of up to 40m and 8m, respectively


optical cameras
IR cameras
Gas analizers

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