City environment

HIVE —  fully automated droneport suited for urban environment monitoring, safety of citizens and control over contractors.

Implementation benefits

  1. Quality improvement city's infrastructure monitoring. Control over housing and communal services, facility operation and improvement. Urban environment and infrastructure 3D models creation
  2. Quick response to emergencies, timely arrival and coordination of rescue services.
  3. Evidence video capture in case of incidents and immediate drone departure to the designated area.
  4. Cost reduction of one drone flight by more than 6 times compared to the market price for the service.
  5. Mass events security provision due to the surveillance capabilities and droneport round-the-clock operation
  6. Increasing the involvement of citizens in the city life - creation of virtual tours, high-quality pictures and videos from events.
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HIVE capabilities

  1. Orthophotomaps and objects digital models , as well as a detailed inventory of property provision
  2. Construction progress monitoring, road conditions, improvement and damage assessment after incidents.
  3. Prompt issuance of comments to departments and services of housing and communal services: garbage removal, snow cleaning, installation of signs.
  4. Advanced obstacle detection system allows the drone to maneuver easily in city environment.
  5. Tracking of moving objects and global search in the urban environment.
  6. Area security and serviellance. Regular drone flights keep city property safe and reduce vandalism.

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