Oil and Gas industry

HIVE —  fully automated droneport suited for oil and gas infrastructure and remote facilities monitoring in challenging geographic and climatic conditions. Geological exploration, oil refining, territory security, oil and gas engineering.

Implementation benefits

  1. Objective monitoring of the facility’s impact on the environment and reducing the number of violations - labor protection and safety rules.
  2. Infrastructure monitoring quality improvement, round-the-clock access to hard-to-reach and hazard areas. Сondition assessment of supports, pipelines and other infrastructure elements to reduce the possibility of their sudden failure.
  3. Quick response to deviations in technological processes and timely flight of the drone in high alert mode.
  4. Real-time defect control with high quality imagery of chimneys, fuel depots, power lines and pipelines.
  5. Budget savings with regular monitoring compared to single drone flights, as well as savings when mandatory aerial monitoring from helicopters is required.
  6. Costs and time reduction for primary geological exploration with an advanced technological solution.
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HIVE capabilities

  1. Orthophotoplan and 3D models to forecast possible anomalies in the operation of the drilling system
  2. Flares operation monitoring without work interruption, which helps to avoid additional financial losses associated with equipment downtime.
  3. Tracking cracks, corrosion and determining the dynamics of their behavior to avoid gas leaks and oil spills.
  4. Possibility of quick response in emergency situations and coordination of actions of rescue teams.
  5. Checking oil tankers for defects and the subject of storage of cargo for faster shipment.
  6. Area security and serviellance. Regular drone flights ensure protection against unauthorized penetration of protected area.
  7. Thermal imaging to determine the underground location of the pipeline and the presence of leaks.
  8. Advanced obstacle detection system allows the drone to maneuver easily in any environment.

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