HIVE —  fully automated droneport suited for infrastructure and perimeter protection. The drone allows to track heated objects, determine the exact coordinates of targets, and monitor the area in real time.

Implementation benefits

  1. Save valuable time by quick response to any incident and a fast clearance process for an unscheduled flight.
  2. Evidence video capture in case of incidents and immediate drone departure to the designated area
  3. 24/7/365 operation protocols for borders and perimeters to prevent unauthorised penetration.
  4. Cost reduction of one drone flight by more than 6 times compared to the market price for the service.
  5. Security of mass events due to the surveillance capabilities and round-the-clock operation
  6. Advanced features: artificial intelligence, zoom and thermal imaging.
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HIVE capabilities

  1. Drone remains in ready-to-operate state inside the droneport
  2. The robot-manipulator automatically changes the batteries, keeping the charge within the set values.
  3. The drone leaves the droneport within 30 seconds after the mission is received.
  4. Flight software can be integrated with security alarm of various types

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