About HIVE

HIVE — the first company to design and launch the production of serial dronoports.
First response

Dronoports have already proven themselves at the construction sites of Skolkovo and Innopolis.

Our project was presented at the GITEX international exhibition in UAE in 2020 and even with minimal post-production, attracted lots of interest among investors in the construction and the oil industries.

Global based

Currently the aerospace of the most continents are open to us. Europe, the Middle East, South and North America are the platforms for the future HIVE infrastructure.

Specific goal

We are working with high profile customers, cooperate with the leading industrial partners, are supported by our own developments and a professional team. We do not waste time looking for investors, but aim our efforts to the development of a full-fledged ecosystem for automated monitoring using UAVs.

Unlimited resource

Each of our clients is a trendsetter in the innovations development, and we give them unlimited opportunities 24/7 in applying our technology.

International community

Each of our partners is a well-known influencer and part of an already formed community that develops automated monitoring.

  1. First response
  2. Global based
  3. Specific goal
  4. Unlimited resource
  5. International community
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