Construction and development

HIVE —  fully automated droneport suited for objects monitoring and all stages of it’s construction. Regular drone flights solve tasks of work monitoring, tracking personnel and  geodetic surveys.

Implementation benefits

  1. Detailed data from construction sites and their comparison with project documentation
  2. Objective monitoring of the construction dynamics and reducing the number of violations by labor protection and safety rules adherance control
  3. Infrastructure monitoring quality improvement, round-the-clock access to hard-to-reach areas and assessing the volumes of performed works.
  4. Quick response to deviations in comperison to project blueprints and timely adjustments
  5. Cost reduction of one drone flight by more than 6 times compared to the market price for the service.
  6. Work with BIM and digital models of the current object with the ability to export to convenient CAD programs.
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HIVE capabilities

  1. Orthophotoplan and geodetic referencing in the required coordinate system.
  2. Earthworks and bulk materials volume estimation. Evaluation of the work performed by area criteria and analysis of deviations from the project.
  3. Automatic recognition of helmets and other personal protective equipment presence on the workers
  4. 3D-model of the object with georeference to the required coordinate system for subsequent calculations and work.
  5. Area security and serviellance. Regular drone flights ensure protection against unauthorized penetration of protected area.
  6. Advanced obstacle detection system allows the drone to maneuver easily in any environment.

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